Financial Wellness Fundamentals

Personalized financial literacy sessions will examine the international and domestic stock and bond markets

Investing 101 : Introduction to Financial Literacy

  • Evaluation of mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and dividend equity investments and the major effects of fees on an investment portfolio

  • Explanation of fixed income investments,  government and corporate bonds, Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs), and cash in a portfolio

  • Understanding of the “ sleep at night portfolio “  and your investment  risk profile

  • Explore the value  of Registered Retirement Savings Plan, Tax Free Savings Accounts,  Registered Education Savings accounts and Registered Retirement Income Plans

  • Discover the effects of long term  compound interest inflation, the 72 formula, dollar cost averaging ,  “pay yourself first principle" and setting financial goals 

World stock markets: DAX, Hang Seng, Nikkei, S+P 500, TSX, FTSE, Kospi

Investing 2.0: Part Two of Financial Literacy Fundamentals

  • Investigate the difference between passive and active investing "The Couch Potatoe Portfolio", and the Robo Advisor investment programs, versus do it yourself investing versus role of a good advisor.

  • Create awareness and understanding of the effects of interest rates, Macro (top-down) and Micro (bottom up) investing Principles, world asset allocation on an investment portfolio. Does the 60% equity 40% fixed income portfolio still work?

  • Discover research techniques and research resources to gain more personal  life long  financial literacy  as it affects an investment portfolio

  • Understand the basic tax implications of the Registered accounts covered in Introduction  101 and the tax advantage of dividend income.

  • Explore the implications of logical versus emotional investing, “greed and fear implications"  and your money personality..

  • Understand the history of “Black Swan events",  equity bubbles, “and 10 to 20% stock market  corrections and the implications  on an investment portfolio.

  • Consultant: Les Schmidt President of Schmidt’s Investing Limited since 1995  and twenty eight years of teaching High School Business

  • Cost: $ 80 for 90 minutes learning session. A waiver must be signed to indicate no financial advice will be provided  and there is no affiliation to any financial institution

  • Famous quote from  Mary Schmidt  “Health is your wealth in life".

Important Considerations for an Investment Portfolio

  • The Canadian equity market represents only 2-3% of the entire world equity market.

  • Bonds are used to smooth out an investment portfolio and reduce the volatility of stocks.

  • How to lose 80% of your investment portfolio

  • The "Tulip Bubble" in the Netherlands in the 1700s

  • Why I fired two of my financial advisors