The Story of Wellness

As the School Board's Health Promotion Consultant, Les participated in a "Wellness Health Promotion Committee" of Personnel from the Homewood, University of Guelph, Co-operators Insurance, and Fitness Ontario. As a result, his wellness Journey begins.

Les leaves teaching for a semester and his private company Healthy Lifestyles Unlimited presents " High Level Wellness " all over Ontario.

 Family and Children Services, Guelph and Wellington County

"I do believe that you succeeded in uplifting our staff and board members and inspired us with some very positive messages about wellness and its importance and impact."

- Co-ordinator, Community Relations

 North American Life Assurance

"Your presentation exceeded my expectations. Your tremendous enthusiasm, knowledge, and sincere positive energy made us realize the importance of of our well-being, and that we will benefit from the presentation and never forget."

- Agency Manager

Mohawk College

"Your 'High Level Wellness' presentation certainly lived up to your reputation. The music, your dancing, and the group interaction was not only fun but left a huge impact on all of us."

-Campus Recreation Department Manager

The "High Level Wellness" presentations continued up until 2013, presented to St. John School Parent Association, Elliot Bus Lines, Wellington Terrace, St. David's High School (Waterloo).

Then, Les and his life partner , Francie, decided in 2013 after 5 episodes of clinical depression and a bi-polar two diagnosis to form He created the presentation "The  Ugly, The Bad and The Good of  Living with Mental Health Challenges".  It is a story of hope, strength through adversity, finding support and creating personal  success strategies while teaching for 34 years with a mental illness.

Les' workshop presentation was ranked in the top ten presentations  for the Guidance Counsellors' Association of Ontario's Provincial Conference in Toronto. Students, Parents and All Educational Staff have their own " baskets of distress", A Personal Wellness  Action Plan is critical  to living productive lives in our " Dopamine Fuelled Technological Society ".

The idea is not to escape the " Storm" of life,  but to find Calm, during the Storm. The  story must be told...and the impact on the lives of people has been extremely positive. And remember...

"It will never happen to me."

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