Professional Training

Professional Training That Adds to The VALUE of The Presentations/Workshops

Les has participated in the following Training Seminars/Workshops which he incorporates into the planning, development and execution of his custom designed workshops.

The Steven Covey Institute, "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"


The Jack Canfield Self-Esteem Enhancement Program/Life Success Strategies


The Centre For High Performance, Collingwood Institute, The Canadian Stress Map Skills Action Plan, Cognitive, Emotional/Social, Spiritual

Mindfulness, Physical


The National Coaching Certification Coaching Association Program, Level One and Level Two Theory Instructor


Career Track Professional Workshops; High Level Communication Skills, Emotional Wellness; The Anger Management Plan to Wellness.


Principal Leadership Qualifications Part One and Part Two


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Waterloo), Dean's Honour Roll, extensive emphasis on Sport and Cognitive Psychology, Sports Medicine, Behavioural Psychology, Muscle and Nerve Fitness Research


Masters of Education (Windsor), Educational Psychology and Curriculum Design

"Awareness is not enough when the house is on fire."