Presentations / Training Workshops


"Health is Your Wealth", the basic  foundation  for  creating  a productive, meaningful life based on living your Core Values.


To help every individual from age five to ninety-five develop and implement a personal wellness action plan; cognitive, mindfulness, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

All presentations are based on the the theme " The Ugly, The Bad and The Good Of Living With Mental Health Challenges "

"The two most useless emotions are guilt and worry"

Inspirational Presentations

Les develops this presentation based on your work culture, work climate, and your learning objectives.  He brings awareness, communicates information, and provides a skill sket for these dimensions:

Importance of an inner and outer support group

Describes the effects on family, friends, work, community, and society

Scientific-based understanding of the biochemistry of mental health challenges

Encourages creation of a personal wellness plan

"Self-esteem begins in the womb and ends in the tomb"

Workshop Training

Your organization will select priority training themes from the following skill set needs:

The effects of mental health challenges on each family member, friends, co-workers, community, and creating an inner and outer support group (Doctor, Psychiatrist, CBT Therapist, Psychologist, Counsellor, Co-Worker, family member, Community Resources)

The scientific-based biochemistry of mental health challenges; cortisol, dopamine, seratonin, in order to design coping skill strategies.

The addictive personality: binge drinking, gambling, pornography, gaming, netflix, social media, work, exercise, coffee.prescriptions and coping strategies to wellness.

As a school guidance counsellor and during his counselling business, Les can provide awareness/information on date rape, voyeurism, cocaine, addiction, suicide, gaming addiction, anxiety disorder and youth depression.


Emotional wellness; examine the role that fear, worry, guilt, and anger play in a personal wellness plan. A special focus on the five-part anger model, in order to develop an effective emotional wellness skillset.

"All stressed up with no where to go", know where to go to help you identify the distress you have  in your life and plan wellness coping strategies that you can use in your everyday life.

"Remember, this will never happen to me... well it did."